Res. Comm. Pedro Pierluisi

Representing the At Large District of PUERTO RICO

Pierluisi in Communication with the CDC About the Zika Virus

Dec 31, 2015
Press Release

San Juan, Puerto Rico—Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi released the following statement today regarding the Zika virus:

"I wanted to inform the public that my office just spoke with officials from Centers for Disease Control‎ and Prevention (CDC), who advised us that the first locally-transmitted case of Zika virus has been confirmed in Puerto Rico. Like chikungunya and dengue, Zika is transmitted by certain types of mosquitoes. I expect that the CDC will issue a public advisory later this afternoon, and the Puerto Rico Department of Health will hold a press conference to explain Zika and its potential symptoms. I also expect that CDC experts will travel to Puerto Rico in early January to educate local physicians on Zika, so they can properly diagnose and treat the virus.  

"There is no reason for alarm, and the public should continue to take commonsense steps to avoid mosquito bites, like using repellent and wearing long pants and shirts.   When Congress returns to session in January, I will receive a comprehensive briefing on Zika from senior CDC officials."